Thursday, December 10, 2009

I keep looking at my blog and thinking that I should post something, but then I realize that I really don't have much to say. I go to yoga classes, I practice, I enjoy it. I know which styles I like, but I don't feel like I know enough about yoga to be able to debate the merits of various styles.

On the one hand, I wish that I was more involved in the yoga community. On the other hand, when I see the politics and the pettiness that goes on, I'm kind of glad that I exist in my own little yoga bubble. I mean, one of the main things I love about yoga is that it's not competitive, but I hear about teachers who are competitive with each other all the time.

Lately I feel like I don't know what I want, or how I want my life to be. People keep asking me what I want for Christmas, but the truth is that I don't really want anything. Honestly, I feel like we already have too much stuff, and that we should be giving some of that away.

This has been a tough week. Matt's last contract ended in mid-November, and he has been looking for something new since then. I've been feeling sort of sick all week (sore throat, fever, but nothing else). I finally gave in and took the day off today. If you happen to think of us, send us some love, okay?


Eco Yogini said...

ohhhh. I'm sorry you're feeling unwell- I will most definitely send you some positive healing light your way! And some 'find a job' thoughts to Matt.

yep- I tend to blog more about the environment- mostly because I'm intimidated by a lot of the pettiness that goes around in the yoga-munity...
but at the same time I love hearing about your T-dot experiences. :)

knowing what you want in life is tricky, and I don't really think anyone has it figured out- even when your old and wrinkly! I thought I had a path- but I'm not so sure now that school is over and I'm in a 'big girl' job that it's what I want.

I want to live in a big city again... but able to be back by the ocean (atlantic of course!) whenever I want. Are you and Matt coming back for xmas?

If you're ever in Halifax let me know- I'd love to have coffee (if that's not too internet-y weird!).

Healing and happy light to you and Matt


Annabellie said...

I know I'm late answering this, but thank you. This is such a sweet message.

I feel the same way about jobs - I wanted a grown-up job, and now I kind of just want to go back to school and do something else. And I'm kind of the opposite of you - I want to live somewhere smaller again (although I'm sure I would miss some of the perks of the city!).

For Xmas, Matt and I are actually going to Kingston, Ontario, which is where my mom lives now. It's kind of weird, because I don't really know anyone there except her and my sisters, so it's not really home yet, but I know it will be great. It's actually a pretty sweet little city!

We will probably be in Halifax in the spring sometime, and definitely in the fall (because Matt will finally be getting his degree after finishing his last few courses through transfer credits). I would love to get together with you for coffee! You can take me somewhere awesome and organic and eco-friendly. I can't wait to be back!


Eco Yogini said...

I hear Kingston is a beautiful place :) being with family for xmas is so nice- I loved your favourite xmas memory!

being somewhere smaller is nice... and I missed it while I lived in Montreal. but then, i miss montreal while I'm here haha.

for sure we'll have coffee when you and matt are visiting! I'm not sure about knowing all the awesome places to go, but I like coffee! :)


Just a note to say hello...catching up on all my blogs as I spend a week with my parents in the mountains of north Georgia and Tennessee. Quite a change from my flat but mild winter Florida.

I have lots of days where I don't know what to say!!! I'm even taking a break from teaching right now to figure out the fog in my head. It's like, I get it and it's meaningful to me but how do I convey that without sounding
or seeming inauthentic to my students? For my blog, I let that be my place of figuring out...and quite frankly I enjoy the tidbits from your path as well :)