Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My mother recently started going to the gym and, among other things, she started attending a weekly yoga class. I was, of course, elated. Sadly, she tells me that she doesn't get much out of these classes. "I know that I need to go to the gym and be more active," she said, "but I hate it. I really, really hate it."

So imagine my surprise when she asked me to get her a yoga mat for Christmas. "I want to, you know, practice my moves at home," she said. I thought that maybe if I got her a mat and a gym bag to carry it around in and some other fun stuff for the gym ( a cozy sweatshirt, socks, headbands, etc.) it might make her hate it less.

Of course, now I can't find a bag that I like. I want one that can carry a yoga mat, but isn't just a plain, oblong bag. I want her to be able to put gym clothes and stuff in it, too. A few years ago I bought my friend and awesome Gaiam bag that had bungee cords to hold your mat, but when I went back to the store where I bought it, they didn't have anything similar.

So then I went to what my husband jokingly refers to as "The Great Satan", Lululemon. I've never actually bought anything there, but I thought that if anyone had the kind of bag I was looking for, they would.

Well, first of all, they didn't. Second of all, the whole experience was SO CREEPY. The store was full of bright-eyed chipper young girls who approached everyone with "WHO ARE YOU SHOPPING FOR TODAY?" followed by "YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET HER OUR TRADITIONAL LULULEMON GROOVE PANT, THEY'RE SUPER COMFY". Eep.

I mean, I know I shouldn't be judgmental - I worked retail for a long time, for a fairly big company. I know they were just doing their job, and to give them credit they all seemed to really be into Lululemon and believe in what they were saying. It still kind of set my teeth on edge, though.

The upshot of this is: I still couldn't find a bag. Do any of you have any suggestions?


Eco Yogini said...

bahahaha- Lulu is really that creepy!!!!

aww, your mom sounds cute! that's really fantastic that she's starting to get more active and trying yoga. i also despise the gym.... which is why i do yoga hah.

not sure on your budget- but i actually really LOVE my yogoco bag- made in Canada and out of recycled materials... and they are great with shipping. It would have enough room for her gym stuff AND be very pretty :)

anyhoo- good luck with finding a bag and mat!

roseanne said...

heya! just catching up on my blog reading, and saw your post. it's almost x-mas, so you've probably solved your dilemma but i'm throwing in my 2 cents worth anyway. i have a saka pinda mat carrier and i *love* it. it's a backpack with a mat holder, fits everything i could possibly need for class, and has many pockets.

the plank mat bags are also good, more of a bag with a couple of mat straps, and lots of fun colours.

i hope you found what you're looking for. be sure to update us on what you found for your mom and her reaction to it ~ i'm sure it'll be a good story!

happy holidays and best for 2010!!