Monday, December 28, 2009

Restorative classes and podcasts. A winning combination.

My mother and I went to that gentle/restorative class last night. It was lovely - gentle music, candlelight, lots of props. Afterwards, my mother told that she'd really enjoyed it. "They don't give massages at my yoga class at the gym," she said. I noticed that she took a schedule so - maybe she'll go back?

Before the class started the teacher/owner of the studio and I were chatting, and she said that she felt like she knew me from somewhere other than her studio. I mentioned that the first time I met her, she had said that she'd practiced a few times at Octopus Garden in Toronto. Since I sometimes take classes at that studio, it's possible that we might have run into each other there. Then we started talking about YuMee, and how she moved up north and doesn't teach in Toronto anymore, and how much everyone misses her.

It's stuff like this that makes me love the yoga world - how small it is, how everyone seems to know each other. I love that I can go to a city a couple of hundred miles away from Toronto, talk to a teacher there and realize that we know the same people.

Speaking of YuMee, have you guys ever tried her podcasts? Because they're really, really lovely. They're perfect for a home practice - I find her instructions really easy to understand, and she has different levels/different styles/different lengths to choose from. You can find them here. Enjoy!

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